Hi there! My name is Reynaldi Hartono from Indonesia.

I have been fascinated by technology since an early age and started programming using Visual Basic 6.0 at 8 years old, right after having our own family PC. By then, the internet was still uncommon and the book titled Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Professional Step by Step by Michael Halvorson was my only guide to learning programming.

Since then, my interest in the engineering world has never stopped growing. While focused on software engineering, I am always eager to learn other fields in engineering, such as network, security, and electronics.

In my spare time, I have found and reported several security vulnerabilities on big companies, ranging from low to high risk vulnerability, scored using CVSS.

This blog is the media for my personal archive of my thoughts, learning experiences, and possibly other random things that I see fit to put here.

I can be reached at me@reynhartono.com.